13th Annual Assembly of the Canadian Associate for Food Studies (CAFS) Conference


At University of Regina

The Canadian prairies may appear to be all wheat and canola, but there is more to Saskatchewan than meets the eye. Faced with forces of nature, the harsh reality of living on the prairies created challenges that were overcome by those who thrived here for thousands of years. The land and its rich biodiversity provided all that was needed. Today, many peoples — Indigenous and nonIndigenous — share the land and contribute to diverse food cultures, communities, food getting, and farming practices. Understanding our history and reflecting on the past can help us to move forward in addressing the painful legacy of colonialism, in establishing a sustainable relationship to the land, and in preserving and enriching our intricate relationships between food and culture. Food studies are diverse and growing diversities is what we do best. CAFS thrives on a range of differences – academic disciplines, cultures, narratives, policy, methods, diets – which keep CAFS members coming back together, to learn and explore new paths with old friends while embracing new paths and friends. We welcome a diverse array of submissions to expand our  thinking and grow our minds.

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Sun, 2018/05/27 - 12:00am to Tue, 2018/05/29 - 12:00am