An Update from Concordia University Sustainable Food System Project

An Update from Concordia University Sustainable Food System Project

Mikayla Wujec & Sylvie Lacelle, Concordia University 

Hi Learning Group members and happy holidays! We hope everyone is warm and well and enjoying the onset of winter. Montreal had non-stop snow this week, and cross country skiing to work is making more and more sense. We have a short update this time around, but promise there will be much more after the break!

Sustainable Food System Coordinator 
We are absolutely thrilled to report that the position for the Sustainable Food System Coordinator is now live. You can access the posting at the following link: Sustainable Food System Coordinator at Concordia. It would be great if you could please share this posting through your networks, we hope to capture a great many passionate candidates. 

We believe that the Sustainable Food System Coordinator will be an essential component of a sustainable food system at Concordia University. This position will work with a diversity of internal food system stakeholders including contracted food service providers and student operations to identify local purchasing need and opportunities and actualize localized sustainable strategies to meet them. Concurrently, this position will develop new sustainable practices and relationships with local producers and suppliers. Developing a reporting system to track, scale up and effectively communicate increased amounts of healthy, local and sustainable food served at Concordia will also be a fundamental responsibility of the Sustainable Food System Coordinator position. In addition the position will be responsible to build capacity for multi-­‐stakeholder involvement in the development of sustainable purchasing standards and initiatives. 

Beverage Contract RFP
Since we all last met, Concordia was in the final stages of developing it's Food Services request for proposal (RFP). This winter, Concordia will also be creating an RFP for a beverages contract. We hope to insert sustainability benchmarks and commitments into the beverage RFP and will be working on developing this over the winter. Would any members have any experience with beverage contract RFP's? We would love to hear about your experiences, challenges, lessons, etc. working on this particular issue. 

Have a great break and we are looking forward to learning more about your projects in the coming year! 

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Hello Mikayla & Sylvie,
Visit this website and click on "Sample School District Vending Machine Services RFP." I was involved in the development of the original template with a school district staff member.
Good luck,

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