British Columbia

gardening for seniors with mobility issues

Has anyone ever thought about providing access to community gardening areas by constructing raised beds that are at an appropriate height for someone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter so that they can be involved? I'm fairly certain that there are many seniors who have given up on gardening because of mobility issues and who would love the opportunity to be out in the sunshine and growing delicious food and flowers. Many seniors facilities provide transportation so getting them to the community garden would not very often be an issue.

Report: Local Food Futures for British Columbia

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Some highlights of the Report’s findings include:

  • Increased public knowledge about local food systems
  • Expanding the local infrastructure for food processing, storage and distribution
  • Finding ways to support established and new farmers
  • Protecting access to foodlands and fresh water

Without national strategy, local food producers struggle to stem Canada’s growing hunger problem

Canada does not have a national food policy, despite indications that food security is worsening in some parts of the country. According to a recent report, Household Food Insecurity in Canada, 2012, four million people in Canada, including one million children, experienced some degree of food insecurity in 2012. The problem is most severe in Nunavut, where 62.2 per cent of children were found to be living in households deemed “food insecure.”