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Reframing Healthy Food in Health Care

What makes food healthy, for who, and who decides?  This webinar will be held Aug 23, 2018 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

[Webinar] GMOs in 2018: What's the latest on biotech in our food systems?

Join the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network for a run down if the most relevant updates, and a brief response to industry’s key public relations messages including the argument that we need GM crops to feed the world. Bring your questions and issues to the table.

[WEBINAR] Agroecology: Integrating Science, Practice and Social Justice

Food Secure Canada, in partnership with CFICE (Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement) is launching a webinar series to share critical reflections and research about Canada’s food system: Building the Food Movement: Cultivating Connections through Critical Conversations.