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Have your voice heard on other federal consultations that impact the food system and engage with what federal ministries are currently consulting on.

To discover how other federal ministries can be involved in A Food Policy for Canada, read FSC's article: Food Policy on New Federal Government Agenda.


Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada


Canada’s Agricultural Policy Framework

Read FSC’s submission: A Call for a Focus on Farm Renewal, Business Development & Labour in the Next Agriculture Policy Framework

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Plant and Animal Health Strategy

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Employment and Social Development Canada

Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

The questions and discussions surrounding this consultation are linked to FSC’s A People’s Food Policy.

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Health Canada



Healthy Eating Strategy

Read FSC’s article Making Sense of the New Healthy Eating Strategy

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Canada’s Food Guide

Read FSC’s A Primer for Participating in Canada's Food Guide Consultation.

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Nutrition North

Read Recommendations of Food Secure Canada on Nutrition North Canada.

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