Call for nominations 2019 open for FSC Board


NOMINation process

Each year, the Board of Food Secure Canada reviews priorities and upcoming activities to develop criteria for potential candidates for the Board of Directors. When reviewing priorities for this year, we recognized the need to also improve the nominations process to better reflect some of our ongoing work on governance structures, and the ways that members have a voice in FSC governance.

In an effort to make the FSC board nominations process more transparent and accessible, we have made a few important changes. We are asking candidates to self-nominate only, and candidates no longer have to be members of FSC at the time of self-nomination. Board members will also be actively recruiting potential candidates to ensure the vacancies are filled based on the criteria laid out below. These changes should make it easier and improve clarity for those interested in joining the board.

Additionally, we will not be hosting an online poll this year. In previous years, many members felt they were voting for candidates in the on-line poll, but as per our by-laws, voting for the Board can only occur at the Annual General Meeting. Given that this poll was not an official voting process, we decided to remove it in order to increase transparency. We will be revisiting this process and our bylaws over the next year to ensure FSC members have the opportunity to participate in the nominations process in a clear and democratic way. 

The nomination period is open until August 6, 2019.


2019-2020 Board Criteria

In 2019-2020, the Board will steward changes to FSC’s governance and membership, continue to work on food policy issues at the federal level, and reflect on strategic directions. This is a time of transition and opportunity; we have a new Executive Director, and it is clear that members of the food movement are interested in FSC being a more diverse organization and modelling practices of anti-oppression, including at the board level.

For 2019-2020, we are seeking someone with a strong financial background to serve as Treasurer, ideally from Quebec. In addition, we invite nominations from individuals with a legal background, experience in human resources, decolonization, anti-oppression, farming and small/medium scale food enterprises, food insecurity and policy. Working knowledge of French or bilingualism is an asset but not a requirement.

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from individuals of all genders who are First Nations, Métis or Inuit; racialized individuals; and individuals from diverse backgrounds from Western and Northern Canada. We have up to 4 vacancies. Please note that all people sit on the Board in their individual capacity, not as representatives of an organization.



Becoming a member of the Board for FSC is a four step process:

1 -   Look at our bylaws and the document outlining the Roles of the Board

Read FSC's Governance Documentation

Read this year's Board Criteria

2 -   Complete the online nomination form before August 6. Candidates will be contacted and may be interviewed by a member of the Nominations Committee for more information.

Fill out the form

3 -   The Nominations Committee and the Board of Directors will recommend candidates for 2019-2020, based on the needs of the organization.

4 -   Those candidates will be presented to the membership in advance of our Annual General Meeting (Date/Location TBD - Anticipated Late Fall 2019 or Early Winter 2020). Members attending the AGM will vote on the slate of candidates proposed by the board. 


Nomination Form