Background Documents on Farm Renewal

As part of our on-going work to advocate for polices that better support a new generation of farmers, the New Farmer Intiative is compiling a series of resources (research reports, policy papers) to provide context and background on the need for greater attention to Farm Renewal within Federal and Provincial Agricultural Policy.  These documents come from a variety of organizations and perspectives; their inclusion here is not a formal endorsement, but an opportunity to spark dialogue and conversation on how to build a food system that supports and encourages new farmers. 

They include:

Policy Proposals on New Farmers in Canada:

Findings from several provincial and national New Farmer Surveys:

Research and Policy Briefs on Agricultural Land in Canada:

Information and research on comparable programs and policies in the US and Europe:

Policy Proposals on the future of agricultural in Canada

We will continue to update this list in the coming weeks!