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Nutrition North retailers must hand over profit margin data

CBC NEWS: Funding agreements for all Nutrition North-registered retailers now include a clause requiring them to make profit margin data available to independent auditors.

The Harper government made the announcement in a news release April 1. 

Food insecurity went up during year 1 of Nutrition North: StatsCan

CBC NEWS: The number of households that couldn't afford a healthy diet in the North increased during the first year of the Nutrition North program, according to a report on Canadian food insecurity released yesterday by Statistics Canada. 

Nunavut hardest-hit by food insecurity: StatsCan

JOSH ELLIOTT: When it comes to buying the variety and quantity of food they need, Nunavut residents have it harder than anyone else in the country.

Nutrition North should be for all Northern communities: NDP MP

CBC NEWS: The N.W.T.'s member of parliament is asking the federal government to make a federal food subsidy available in all northern communities.

Solving Nunavut's food insecurity will need local input

GLORIA SONG:Because I live in the North, I’ve been getting questions from my friends in southern Canada about what they can do to help improve the food insecurity problem in Nunavut.

Leesee Papatsie: Feeding the North

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: The high cost of food in the North challenges families unlike anywhere else in Canada. The Agenda examines issues surrounding food scarcity and affordability with "Feeding My Family" founder Leesee Papatsie.

Feeding My Family Letter Writing Campaign

"Feeding My Family is asking supporters to write MPs to ask that more be done for Canada's North. Feeding My Family is a group dedicated to raising awareness about the high cost of food in the north. A letter writing campaign is an easy advocacy tool for citizens to voice opinions about specific issues. The letters may be sent to the Prime Minister, a member of Parliament, or a particular government agency.

Internal Aboriginal Affairs study calls for increased Nutrition North funding

APTN NEWS: The federal government needs to invest more money into its Northern food subsidy program, according to an internal Aboriginal Affairs study.

'Made-in-the-North' changes coming to food subsidy program: AANDC

ELYSE SKURA: As public outcry over high food prices in Canada's North continues, the federal government says it is taking steps to improve its food subsidy program.

A look at the high price of food in Nain, Labrador

OSSIE MICHELIN: Food prices in the high Arctic continue to cause stress for families trying to put meals on the table.

In the sub-Arctic groceries can be costly.

N.W.T. MP questions promised $11.3M boost to Nutrition North funding

CBC NEWS: Dennis Bevington says the Conservative Government hasn't keeping a promise it made last November in Iqaluit to increase Nutrition North funding by $11.3 million. (CBC)

Bevington says the Conservative Government hasn't been keeping a promise it made last November in Iqaluit to increase Nutrition North funding by $11.3 million.

Webinar: The Food Security Crisis in the North - What Next?

Hosted by Food Secure Canada

THURSDAY, MARCH 19th from 12:00 - 1:00 PM EDT

The question remains - what next?  What will it take to finally make staggering food insecurity in Northern Canada a priority for the federal government?

During this national webinar we heard from key leaders in the North about their vision for moving this urgent issue forward in the upcoming election year, and heard how our members can support this important work.

Watch the recording


Hunting for solutions to the Nunavut food-cost crisis

JOSHUA DAVIDSON:In late 2014, Nunavut's supermarket's prices spiked, garnering national attention for the fifth time since 2013. 

Photos of sky high price tags, buoyed by the Feeding My Family Facebook campaign, surged across social networks and were shared widely.

Aglukkaq says Northern retailers responsible for passing on food subsidy

APTN NATIONAL NEWS: Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq says it’s the responsibility of the retailers to pass along the federal Nutrition North subsidy to people in the North. 

The minister responsible for Nunavut made the comments at a celebration of the North in Ottawa Tuesday. 

Canada health report card ranks B.C. 1st, Nunavut last

CBC NEWS: British Columbia is home to the healthiest Canadian population, while residents in Newfoundland and Labrador and the three territories are the least healthy, according to report card released Thursday by the Conference Board of Canada.

The report compared residents' health in each province and territory, while comparing Canada as a whole to the U.S., Japan, Australia and 12 countries in Western Europe.

The Failure that is food policy in Nunavut

ASHLEY SPLAWINSKI: The Canadian government's food policy is having dire consequences for communities in Nunavut. Aside from being proof of further deterioration of government-Indigenous relations, Canada's food policy has been an illustration of mismanagement and the consequences of what occurs when a program lacks transparency and denies power to those it claims to protect.

Aglukkaq's Nutrition North Comment Criticized As 'Dangerous Political Thinking'

ZI-ANN LUM: Months after Auditor General Michael Ferguson lacerated the federal government’s inadequate oversight of Nutrition North, a Conservative cabinet minister reiterated it’s up to retailers to make sure food subsidies are passed on to shoppers.

Canada Post could reduce food prices up north

MIKE PALACEK: With the largest logistics and retail network in the country, the Crown corporation could be leveraged to meet social needs

Rising food prices in the North have lately garnered attention, as pictures of basic goods with outrageous price tags make the rounds on social media.

Nunavut boycott attempted against North West Company

APTN NATIONAL NEWS: Northern food activists [Feeding My Family] attempted a boycott Saturday of the North West Company, the biggest retail outlet in the North. APTN's Iqaluit team stopped by the Northmart to see if the boycott worked.

Conservatives looking to change Nutrition North program

THE CANADIAN PRESS: It appears the Conservative government is open to the idea of changing the way it tries to offset the high cost of food in the North.

The department that oversees the beleaguered Nutrition North program has posted a notice of proposed procurement, asking for someone to come up with different ways of providing northerners with the federal food subsidy.