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[WEBINAR] What Does Sustainable Food Mean in the North?

The Northern Food Network is continuing with its Webinar Series highlighting innovative projects, organizations and initiatives working to address food security and build stronger sustaianble food systems in the North. 

Our next webinar is on Monday March 12th at 1pm EST, exploring what sustainable food means in a Northenr context.


Register for the webinar here


Le RAD coordonne une étude sur les systèmes alimentaires durables du Grand Nord

Le RAD, en collaboration avec un réseau pan-canadien de chercheurs et de partenaires communautaires ayant une expertise au niveau de la sécurité alimentaire du Grand Nord, et en systèmes alimentaires durables, entreprend une étude de synthèse sur l'état des systèmes alimentaires et de la sécurité alimentaire dans le Nord. 

Food Secure Canada to coordinate Study on Northern Sustainable Food Systems

FSC, in collaboration with a pan-Canadian network of researchers and community partners with expertise in Northern food security and sustainable food systems, is undertaking a study to synthesize research and knowledge on the state of food systems and food security in the North...

Changes to Nutrition North Canada voted down in parliament

JOSHUA DAVIDSON: A motion calling for urgent reform to the Nutrition North Canada food subsidy program was defeated in Parliament last week.

Dennis Bevington's Nutrition North proposal debated in Parliament

CBC NEWS: Today was Opposition day in Ottawa — a day where the NDP got to set the agenda — and they made it all about Nutrition North.

Nutrition North Subsidy coming to a grocery receipt near you

NUNATSIAQ NEWS: At the very same time Members of Parliament were debating an New Democratic Party proposal they say will improve the federal Nutrition North Canada June 4, the minister responsible for the freight subsidy issued a statement he says makes the program more accountable.

Why northerners’ unhappiness with food program will factor into election

Northerners’ dissatisfaction with Nutrition North Canada (NNC) promises to be a major factor in the 2015 federal election in the 10 ridings with isolated northern communities served by this program.

Nutrition North Canada - the real expenditure record

FRED HILL + MICHAEL FITZGERALD: Among its many criticisms of Nutrition North Canada (NNC), the auditor general’s report released late last November chastised Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) for failing to implement the cost containment strategy that was a Treasury Board condition for program approval.

Hunger in Canada's Arctic

ALLIE JAYNES: Forty-six dollars for a bag of flour. Thirty-six dollars for 2.5 pounds of beef. Forty-five for a box of infant formula. That’s just a trip to the grocery store for many residents of northern Canada’s Nunavut territory, where some of the most basic necessities could set you back as much as a rib-eye steak in a swanky restaurant in southern Canada or the U.S.

Read the original article here.

Bevington, NDP announce proposal for Nutrition North subsidy program

CBC NEWS: Northwest Territories MP Dennis Bevington, along with a group of NDP MPs that included Romeo Saganash, Niki Ashton, Charlie Angus, Carol Hughes & Jonathan Genest-Jourdain, announced his party's proposal to fix the highly criticized Nutrition North food subsidy program this morning.

Fishy Conservative claims about Nutrition North Canada

FRED HILL & MICHAEL FITZGERALD: Conservative candidates in this year’s election will no doubt try to convince voters that Nutrition North Canada has reduced food prices and increased the consumption of healthy foods in isolated northern communities.

Bernard Valcourt, the minister responsible for the program, has repeatedly made such claims in the House. 

Nutrition North retailers must hand over profit margin data

CBC NEWS: Funding agreements for all Nutrition North-registered retailers now include a clause requiring them to make profit margin data available to independent auditors.

The Harper government made the announcement in a news release April 1. 

Food insecurity went up during year 1 of Nutrition North: StatsCan

CBC NEWS: The number of households that couldn't afford a healthy diet in the North increased during the first year of the Nutrition North program, according to a report on Canadian food insecurity released yesterday by Statistics Canada.