FSC's Engagement with the SDGs

Food Secure Canada’s Engagement with the SDGs

Food Secure Canada is working on a collective process to identify, analyse and document food systems approaches and innovations towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, by influencing Canadian food policy. We are not only looking at how governments can meet the SDGs, but also, how can the SDGs be used as a framework to advance civil society goals and the public interest. This includes running a non-partisan campaign during the federal election 2021, Eat Think Vote, within the SDG framework. We organized and mobilized communities around to use the SDG framework to think about how food systems can be more inclusive through:

  • Addressing the root cause of food insecurity

  • Building resilient local food systems,

  • Supporting Indigenous food sovereignty,

  • Seeking equity and justice for all workers along the food chain,

  • Ensuring everyone is at the table and 

  • Advancing a school food program in Canada.

We are collecting and proposing approaches towards meeting the SDGs through three priority areas for food systems change in Canada. They relate to ‘Equitable access to healthy, sustainable food’; ‘Indigenous food sovereignty’; and ‘Healthy school food’. FSC is working with individuals and organizations across Canada to advance the SDGs through these three action areas, respectively.

Healthy School Food

FSC is working with the Coalition for Healthy School Food to identify how a universal, healthy Canada-wide school food program can advance Canada’s progress towards the SDGs. The Coalition for Healthy School Food is also looking at school food programs around the world to understand lessons learned and best practices for Canada. FSC produced a research paper titled School Food and the Sustainable Goals: A Pathway to Meeting Multiple Goals and Targets. The Illustration below on School Food and the SDGs was inspired by the findings of this research.


Gustave Le, Carolyn Webb, and the Coalition for Healthy School Food, 2022



Equitable access to healthy sustainable food

FSC is working with a number of different communities and individuals around increasing access to healthy and sustainable food. We are especially focused on looking at how folks living on a low income access sustainable food and on the experiences of Black and racialized communities, and Indigenous peoples. This includes a research project to update our 2019 Sustainable consumption for all report, which will provide important insights to equitable access to food post-covid. We are also actively partnering with initiatives and movements like the Black Food Sovereignty movement.


Indigenous Food Sovereignty

FSC is working with Plenty Canada to identify how Indigenous Food Sovereignty can advance Canada’s progress towards the SDGs. So far, what this entails is conducting research and producing respective scoping and methodology products that outline the rationale for how and why Indigenous Food Sovereignty is relevant to the advancement of the SDGs.




Some of this work is funded by the Government of Canada's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Funding Program. The opinions and interpretations on this page are those of Food Secure Canada and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.