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FAQs - Why do we need a National Food Policy?

After years of lobbying by Food Secure Canada and others, the Trudeau government charged the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food with leading the development of a National Food Policy (NFP). The process is now underway.

But what does this mean? These Frequently Asked Questions provide links to relevant resources about the antecedents, risks and opportunities, and the process itself. Of course, the really big questions cannot be answered yet.

Will a NFP help to steer us in the direction of a healthier and more sustainable food system in which everyone enjoys the right to food?

Will it be an instrument that delivers real and sustained change and provides resources to meet the challenges or just another policy on a shelf?

Informed participation by the Canadian food movement will make the difference, so read on and get involved.

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Food Policy Timeline

A review of events and actions of the food movement in building momentum around national food policy from 2001 to present day.