[FSC members] We are seeking your comments for our next Food Policy Discussion Paper

Food Secure Canada has drafted a Discussion Paper on National Food Policy. The paper, entitled From Patchwork to Policy Coherence: Opportunities for National Food Policy Innovation is intended to help frame the debate by identifying key priorities and principles for a national food policy.  We intend to produce several discussion papers over the next two years as the process of building a national food policy unfolds.

It is currently under discussion within our membership, and will be available publicly in the coming weeks. If you havn't received it by email (march 21), please get in touch with members@foodsecurecanada.org.

You are not a member yet and want to get a jump on the conversation and give input on the draft? Contact us members@foodsecurecanada.org, or click the banner below to find out how to become a member of Food Secure Canada.

With a patchwork of government policies, programs and strategies, within multiple departments and at various levels of government, the current approach is inadequate. The problem is not necessarily a lack of will or interest; what is missing is an approach that recognizes how these issues are interrelated, and how an exclusive focus on one goal can have unanticipated consequences for another. To comprehensively address these complex issues, we need a national food policy that will take a multi-stakeholder, systems-based approach to managing our food system. We need food policy coherence.

FSC members, we would like to get your feedback: please take the time to reply to the questionnaire below by Monday April 10th.


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