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Goats and Chickens

A Northern / Remote Response to Food Insecurity


Join us for a webinar 


This webinar will highlight some Food Security initiatives in Manitoba.  In particular it will focus on raising dairy goats and Heritage chickens in the First Nations of Poplar River and Sandy Bay.
Learn about the use of incubators to hatch chicks in Sandy Bay, as well as the challenges of providing adequate feed and shelter.  There will be an emphasis on making chicken shelter and fencing predator proof.  Raised for both meat and eggs, heritage chickens are a unique and great way to introduce a small flock of chickens to a community.
The re-introduction of goats to the community of Poplar River will also be featured.  Since Poplar River is an isolated fly in community, discussion on transporting feed and the need for adequate training to care successfully for the goats will be highlighted.  In addition to milk, other products from goats such as cheese and soap will be featured by Louise May, owner of Aurora Farms in St Norbert, Manitoba



Leon Simard- Manitoba First Nations Food Security Coordinator

Leon has worked in his current position since January 2010.  Prior to his responsibilities as the Provincial First Nations Food Security Coordinator, he was employed with the Kidney Foundation of Canada as the Aboriginal Community Liaison Worker.  His work takes him across the province of Manitoba where he offers support to communities through the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative of Health Canada. 

He offers community and school workshops in local organic food production through seed starting workshops and food security presentations.  Several unique projects have come about through his dialog with community groups and organizations.  A project currently being established is a small dairy goat herd in the community of Poplar River.  Leon has also actively promoted the raising of heritage chickens through an incubator program in several other communities.  He lives in Winnipeg where he is a participant in an inner city community garden organization.



Louise May have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba and a Masters’ Degree in Fine Arts from the Norwich University in Vermont. She have attended many workshops and training seminars on cultural diversity, financial management, small business development, volunteer management, etc. 


Louise, with her daughter Zona May and have developed a successful farm, Aurora Farm based on the concepts of diversity and ecology. Their farm is located within the city limits on Waverley Street, just south of the Perimeter Highway. Their small herd of dairy goats has grown into a significant force on the farm. Louise have also begun teaching a “Home Goat Dairying” workshop in herr barn and kitchen and have sold good milking goats to numerous families who wish to become more food self-sufficient.









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