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The Right to Food in Canada - A Community Conversation

Over 1000 Canadians gathered for a conversation with the Special Rapporteur on the right to food!

On March 4th by webinar from Geneva, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, presented a report of his mission to Canada and have a conversation with people across Canada.

Listen to Mr Olivier De Schutter's response to the NGO Statement



“What Olivier de Schutter’s report has made clear ahead of 2015, and the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals, is that we can no longer look at issues like the right to food, or poverty and inequality, as something that we just need to tackle in Niger or Pakistan or Haiti. We need to address it here in Canada too.  The North-South dichotomy has collapsed. Food insecurity is a global phenomenon that requires a national and global response.” Julia Sanchez, President and CEO, Canadian Council for International Cooperation, Ottawa.


The Conversation with the United Nations about the Right to Food In Canada would not be possible without your support. We would like to extend a special thanks to:


And all those that gave individual contributions!


50 Events Took Place

See below for events open to the public and/or the media or download the list of events!

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Let your MP know that Canada urgently needs a National Food Policy to ensure the Right to Food.

Let's start now by putting food in the budget!

A National Food Policy is an important part of coordinating efforts to fix our broken food system and also ensuring the right to food for everyone.  The government can take an important first step by putting food in the budget. The People's Food Policy is the most comprehensive food policy being advanced in Canada.  We want the government to initiate a process that will bring all  actors to the table to develop a policy that will address everyone's needs.