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Minister of Agriculture launches federal programs under new CAP

As part of Canada's Ag Day celebration, Minister MacAulay announced the six federal programs that will form part of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP); the Agricultural Policy Framework that will replace Growing Forward 2 in April 2018. Every five years the federal, territorial and provincial Ministers of Agriculture agree on a five year joint policy framework.

Background Documents on Farm Renewal

A Seed Act for Farmers - Not Corporations

On February 13th, 67 people from across Canada participated in a webinar hosted by the National Farmers Union, to dive into the complexities of the Agricultural Growth Act (Bill C-18).

Une façon alternative de s’établir en agriculture au Québec

Wébinaire avec le Fonds d'investissement pour la relève agricole

Le mardi 24 septembre de 13H à 14H EDT

Le FIRA est un modèle de financement innovateur au Canada qui supporte les jeunes entrepreneurs avec des projets de démarrage ou d'expansion en agriculture.