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Alaska Native group seeks to serve seal oil to nursing home clients

Alaska regulators are working with an Alaska Native organization that wants to serve its nursing home residents nutrient-rich seal oil, a traditional staple that's banned in public settings because of its high risk for botulism if not properly processed.

Food in hospitals and prisons is terrible – but it doesn’t have to be that way

For my entire life, my doctors, my parents and my government have sent me one clear message about food: Nutrition is a key component of physical and mental health. So I had assumed (and hoped) that if MDs or MPPs were choosing menus for those in their care, the result would be a 3-D version of the Canada’s Food Guide chart I coloured in elementary school.

Five Things We Can Learn from Brazil's School Meal Program

It spends $1.3 billion a year to feed students and help small farmers. Your move, Canada.

The idea that Canada should catch up with the other G8 countries and create a national school meal program has been on the public radar since at least 2011.

Healthy School Food Lunches Have to Taste Good Too

School collaborations with a professionally trained chef to improve the taste of healthy meals significantly increased students’ consumption of fruits and vegetables, according to a new study led by researchers from