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Food Justice - News from Toronto's City Hall

Last week, Toronto Mayor John Tory proclaimed May 5, 2015 Food Justice Day in Toronto.

What’s Race Got to Do With It:

Food, Diversity and Inclusion 


Tuesday, April 29th

As part of FSC’s emerging Food Justice Network, we heard from two food justice thinkers and activists discussing food, diversity, and inclusion and how it relates to their work.

The Webinar

Household Food Insecurity in Canada

On January 16th, 300 people from across Canada participated in a webinar on what national household survey data can reveal and possible priority actions.

A Seed Act for Farmers - Not Corporations

On February 13th, 67 people from across Canada participated in a webinar hosted by the National Farmers Union, to dive into the complexities of the Agricultural Growth Act (Bill C-18).

Report: Food is “ground zero” for Canada’s social problems

A report by a national network of community-based charitable organizations and their backers reports that “food is at the epicenter” of the country’s hunger, poverty and health problems.

Moment of roof: Urban farming entrepreneur explains how he got on top

Mohamed Hage is not your typical urban farmer. The Lebanese-born entrepreneur, now living in Montreal, got into food as a technological challenge.

Why Hamilton may be leading the way on food security

Hamilton is a “bellwether” for positive changes in the food system that Ian Bird says will eventually be acquired across the country — but the city still faces a high number of people accessing food banks.

Food bank use skyrocketing, says Ottawa group Community Foundations of Canada

Food bank usage in Canada has risen 31 per cent since 2008 and is not showing any signs of slowing down, according to a new report released Tuesday by the Ottawa-based group Community Foundations of Canada (CFC).

The Truth About Food Security in Canada

Consumers recognize that quality products do not come without a cost, and they recognize that they benefit from a system that puts quality, local food first. A recent independent poll this year -- published in Canadian Business -- confirms what what farmers have always known. Consumers want local products, from local producers who meet tough Canadian standards.

Farmers, Food, Justice and the Agrarian Question

As activists and scholar-practitioners from around the world gathered in New Haven, Connecticut last weekend at the Food Sovereignty conference to debate the future of the world food system, it is obvious that the planet faces a systemic global subsistence crisis: almost a billion people chronically malnourished, another billion people always unsure from where their next meal will come, 500 million that are clinically obese, and 1.5 billion people that are overweight.

Sneak Preview: Vital Signs 2013 Report on Food


Watch the recording, held on September 30th!

Every year, Community Foundations of Canada release their 'Vital Signs'. The report measures the vitality of communities in key areas, providing critical information that can identify opportunities for action and set priorities for change. This year, the national focus is on Food.

Put Food in the Budget!

 A presentation and a conversation about the 2013 Federal Budget, the Alternative Federal Budget and how we can Put Food in the Budget, held on March 20th!


2013 Food and Farm Justice Consultation

From March 8-10, 2013, FSC joined 50 organizations from Canada and the USA for a consultation on food justice.