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MPs send GE bill for more study

APRIL 14 UPDATE: MPs voted in favour of sending Bill C-474 to the Agriculture Committee for study and amendments. Visit to find out how your MP voted, and other actions you can take.

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network asks you to act before April 14th in support of Bill C-74.

North Cowichan Adopts Food Charter

North Cowichan, BC recently adopted a food charter - another in a number of municipalities who are considering or adopting plans for a local food strategy

The document, which has circulated to other local governments in the region, sets goals for creating food security in the Valley. One focus is to re-establish people’s connection with local agriculture.  Read more here.

Toronto Food Strategy - Learn more and participate now

The Toronto Food Strategy project  is showing  how cities can help build a healthy and sustainable food system for the 21st century.  Check out the report that went to the Toronto Board of Health on February 16, 2010, and participate in shaping the ideas and recommendations that will go to Toronto City Council by summer 2010.  Visit the Food Connectio