Tasting Food Democracy: A People's Food Policy for Canada

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On April 8, 2013 150 enthusiastic people crammed into a hall at the Centre for Social Innovation-Regent Park to discuss the need for a national food policy on the eve of a Food Summit gathering executives from some of Canada’s biggest food businesses.

The event was co-sponsored by Food Secure Canada, FoodShare Toronto, the Toronto Food Policy Council, Centre for Social Innovation and the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, and was intended to highlight voices and concerns that the Food Summit should be hearing.  Several participants attended the Food Summit, organized by the Conference Board of Canada 9-10 April.

Speakers (in order of appearance):
Diana Bronson - Food Secure Canada

Krystle Henry - Regent Park Neighbourhood Initiative (00:13:24)
Elisa Levi - Indigenous Food Leader (00:18:24)
Don Mills - Local Food Plus (00:23:33)
Tzazna Miranda Leal - Justicia for Migrant Workers (00:28:37)
Tasha Sutcliffe - Ecotrust (00:35:13)
Questions and comments from the floor (00:40:38)
Discussions (00:51:16)

Participants received a backgrounder document detailing the shortcomings of the Conference Board's process.

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